Job seekers face many barriers and obstacles when it comes to finding a suitable job. The younger job seekers are competing with older workers in various industries. If you’ve been struggling to find a job for quite some time, then you might start thinking “The youth are taking over the job market”. Which is why Akhtaboot the career network, is here to uplift your spirits with some tips that will help you overcome these hurdles:
Consider a Career Change
If you’ve been out of work for quite some time, finding a new job can be quite hard. You can easily leverage your experience and use it as a chance that will open new doors of opportunity for you. You can also opt for a complete change by re-inventing yourself. It’s never too late to invest in education and develop your skills. You can try applying for a job in a different industry, where you can still utilize the same skills that you have. Or you can follow a new career path where you will have to learn new skills and go through a complete transition.
Get “Job Search” Help
If your job search isn’t going quite well, then there’s no shame in asking for help. You can contact career services, where you can talk to career development professionals that can help you review your CV. You can even attend job fairs, where you can have the chance to talk directly to a company’s HR representative and ask them about available job vacancies.
Edit Your Resume
Make sure that you leave out older jobs from your CV and limit the dates of your related experience to the past 15 years. State any older jobs that you’ve had (without dates) in another section such as Other Experiences. Highlight your skills to show that you are up to date with programs such as Excel or PowerPoint. In addition, show that you are engaged in current methods of communication such as having a LinkedIn account.
Use Your Network
Use your past working experience as an advantage to make connections. People that you may have worked for, or worked with may be able to offer you some help, or refer you to companies as a potential candidate. You can use your networking strategies to get job interviews which will increase your chances of getting a job.