New trends have immensely changed the nature of working environments of today’s organizations. Decades ago, the office culture and environment were significantly different and more rigid. For instance, back in the 1980s secretaries had to write letters instead of sending emails, working from home was not even an option, and internships weren’t widely adopted. Akhtaboot highlights a few changes in the workplace that have taken place over the years:
Working From Home

Years ago, employees did not have the luxury of enjoying the flexibility of working from home. Today, many employees are granted the permission to work from home if they have a valid excuse; all they have to do is clear this matter with their managers and they can get their work done in the comfort of their own home. Work is no longer tied to the four walls of the office. For certain jobs, you can easily get your work done with just a laptop and Internet connection.
Dress Code

Not all job positions require men or women to show up to the office in formal wear. But back in the 1970s women had to show up to the office wearing formal skirts or pants, panty hose, coupled with a gracious hair up-do. Today, many working men or women can walk into the office wearing casual sneakers and a sporty attire. In some industries however, the dress code hasn’t significantly changed. For instance, bankers are still required to adhere to a formal dress code every day.
The Cubicles

Many offices still incorporate the concept of cubicles, yet office designs have significantly evolved over the years. Cubicles are now taking up less space in comparison to the 1970s where all employees would be crammed into one open air space. As the types of employees have become more diverse over the years, workspaces have changed too. Today, there are many offices that dedicate an entire floor space just for modern furniture or groovy décor with special rooms for leisure and entertainment!
The Computer and Other Devices

Can you imagine yourself walking into an office and not spotting a single computer in sight? Secretaries back in the early 1980s would use typewriters to write letters by hand to get their work done. Today, almost all employees are required to use PC’s and smartphones to communicate their way through.