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Returning to Employment After Your Startup Fails

Attempting to establish your own startup is a risky gamble that certainly demands much of your time and effort, and offers no guarantees for success. While many don’t mind taking a shot in the dark, most people are incapable of contending with the repercussions of failure that may follow. The painful truth is that witnessing the failure of your startup can be psychologically devastating and can take a toll on your financial resources. However, although it might feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, bouncing back from such a failure is a very possible, yet quite challenging endeavor. It involves not only replenishing your emotional stamina but also working on arming yourself with the skills you acquired from this experience and transferring them into your desired employment field.... Read More ...

Is Your Startup Business Failing?

Do you dream of starting your own business? Do you fear it might not succeed? If you’ve started your own business and it’s starting to fail, then it might help you to know that you’re not alone. Did you know that almost 50% of small startups fail within the first four years? And almost 82% fail due to cash flow problems? If you feel like your startup business is falling down, then Akhtaboot – the career network is here to share with you some helpful tips:
It May Be Time to Plan An Exit Strategy
There are a few revealing signs that indicate you need to cash out.... Read More ...

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