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Why Employee Referrals Are A Great Way To Hire

What exactly is meant by an employee referral? When an organization is looking for a potential candidate, they resort to using an internal recruitment process where their employees introduce prospective recruits from people they may know. Employee referrals are becoming very common in businesses nowadays. Not only does research prove that employee referrals are a cheaper, faster, and more efficient way to hire, they generally reduce turnover rates. So why are employee referrals a great way to hire? Akhtaboot has the answers to your questions below:
First of all, it’s faster
Employees know exactly what the company is looking for; so referred candidates are already pre-screened.... Read More ...

Interviews Make Recruiters Feel Unfomfortable Too

Prepping for interviews is never easy for job seekers; they dread saying the wrong things, and they try to avoid awkward situations at all costs. Recruiters on the other hand, are used to the interview process. Speaking to complete strangers is part of their job, yet you may be surprised to know that the interview process can be just as awkward for the recruiter as it is for the candidate. The following are a few things that may put the recruiter as unease:

Deciding On What To Wear

I’m sure you’ve spent a considerable amount of time the night before an interview trying to figure out what to wear.... Read More ...

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