How to Choose Between Two Great Job Offers

If you’ve been looking for a job for quite some time, and you finally get a job offer; your heart might just skip a beat. However, when you get two great job offers, thats when the challenge gets real. You may ask yourself: Which one should I accept? Will I regret my decision in the future? Should I flip a coin? Having to choose between two job offers will put you in an enviable position to others, but choosing the best one is quite challenging. As a recruitment website, Akhtaboot shares some tips that will help you make the right decision:

Separate Your Needs From Your Wants

Everyone wants a high salary, but in order to feel comfortable at your new job, you must think of how the benefits will tailor your needs. Will you get flexible working hours? Will the company fully cover your health insurance? If you find yourself more inclined to accept an offer because of its “slightly higher” salary but less appealing benefits, take a moment to think if you’re willing to be flexible around the salary. In order to smoothly adjust to your new job, your best option is to accept the offer with the optimum benefits.

Company Culture

Since you’ll be spending most of your time at the office, familiarizing yourself with the company’s culture is very important. Do you share the same values? Are the employees welcoming and friendly? As a new employee you’d want to be in an environment that will make you feel comfortable and at ease. Feeling like an outsider at your new job is definitely not a pleasant feeling; so make sure you look into a company’s culture before deciding which offer to accept.

Longer Term Benefits

It’s vitally important to accept the job that is in line with your career aspirations and will help you broaden your expertise as an employee. Ask yourself which job offer will allow you to learn new skills and gives you room for advancement. In order to feel satisfied with your decision, choose the job offer that promises a lucrative future, especially for the long run.

Make a List

Finally, make a list of pros and cons. Sometimes when you put things down on paper, you’ll get a clearer picture. Rate each factor out of ten, and then check your results. Which offer scored higher? Make sure that you have the right information before you start comparing and contrasting both offers. This requires you to have done your research prior to applying to both jobs.


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    You have shared great blog here which will be helpful for job seekers who having situation like two job offers at the same time, I have been gone through the same phase and had confusion. After reading your blog it look so simple to come with the solution.
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