If you’re starting this year with an emotional slump, and you can’t seem to find opportunities lying around the corner for you, have no fear; we’re here to uplift your spirits. Akhtaboot aims to highlight the hottest companies who are now hiring like crazy, and what’s a better way to start off this year with a job? Read on to see which companies in Jordan are now hiring with various positions:

Jordan International Medical Corps (IMC) provides psychological and mental support services for Iraqi and Syrian refugees at clinics. IMC aims to hire and train local staff members that can successfully respond to emergencies. IMC is currently hiring for various positions in Karak, Azraq Camp, Zarqa, and Roving.

Working for IMC has allowed thousands of employees to contribute in helping those in desperate need. The challenging environments, and the supportive teams make this job ideal for those who wish to foster their skills into lifesaving work such as helping a community after being hit by a tragedy.

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Jordan supports Syrian refugees who have endured tough, horrific, and harsh conditions. IRC aims to enhance the lives of those who suffered through disasters and conflict. The IRC also provides consistent healthcare services, along with humanitarian assistance. They are currently providing shelter in Zaatari and Azraq camps. The IRC team in Jordan hovers at around 122,000 employees who emphasize on providing education and safety for both the refugees and the suffering Jordanian communities.

Working for IRC will allow you to be part of a spectacular team of professionally skilled members, who aim to provide support and aid to those in need. Efforts exerted by team members range from managing finances, offering cash assistance, running health clinics and opening up centers for women and young girls for skills training. Working for IRC is a great opportunity to join a community that selflessly devotes its time to helping those in crucial need.

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ARDD’s Legal Aid aims to eliminate inequity and conflict. They strive to empower marginalized groups, this will in return allow them to enjoy their rights and freedom by simply representing their needs. ARDD’s staff includes around 70 employees who work in several offices across the country; they also value diversity and are open to hiring international staff members. Their staff and partnerships with various INGO’s has allowed them to extend their work on a global level.

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As a humanitarian organization, NRC helps protecting those who were forced to flee from unfortunate circumstances. They provide shelter, legal aid, and food assistance to those in need and to those who were displaced from their homes. Around 5,000 women and men work for NRC, many of which themselves had to leave their own homes. Jordan today is home to more than 140,000 refugees who are found in Zaatari, Emirati Jordanian and Azraq camps. NRC also aims to relieve the impact of the Jordanian communities that host them.

Working for NRC will give you the opportunity to become part of a team that contributes to providing education, shelter, food, and legal assistance to refugees with shattered lives. This team works strenuously hard to ensure that they change the lives of those who have no homes and are in desperate need for basic life necessities.

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Nader Group is a family owned holding group that is a leader in the local market here in Jordan for brand building and quality products. Nader Group also contains several subsidiaries and joint ventures, such as Modern Arab Distribution Ltd (MADL), Arab Italian Trading Company (AITCo) and Aqaba Processing Co. (APC).

Nader Group is looking for employees who are passionate and driven with energy to continuously learn and develop their skills. With their solid foundation and investing in the right people Nader Group today has succeeded in all their ventures and aspirations.

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