Can You Imagine Your Life Without Work?

articleImagine never having to set your alarm the night before you go to bed. Better yet, imagine having the luxury of waking up whenever you want. Can you imagine not having to sit on the same desk for what seems like endless hours? Imagine.  Imagine.  Imagine.

There are certain measures that you must take into consideration as a working employee, such as dropping your kids off to school, prepping for meals the night before, and making sure the gas tank is full. Your life isn’t just tied to your job, but to the requirements that tag along with it.  Every job has its fair share of emotional demands. By having a job you’re bound to stick to a schedule and to an organized lifestyle.  But what if you break off these shackles and decide to live work-free?

It might surprise you that life without work isn’t as wonderful as it may seem.  Leisure time for workers is scarce, and when you work, your time is managed and organized around your working hours.  Without work, you may find yourself with so much time to spare – but you wouldn’t know what to spare it on.  Picture this: no meetings, no schedules, and no messy calendars. You might find extra time on your hands.  So you go to the gym, you cook your favorite meal, and you even meet-up with a few friends.  But then what?  You’ll find the hours of the day dragging on and you will eventually run out of effective ways to spend it.

Based on a study conducted by The Atlantic, many people are ”miserable” with their jobs, but are even more miserable doing nothing.  Although work might drain you out of energy, but at the end of the day you are working towards a purpose. The opportunity cost of having a job might be great for some, but the cost of not having a job is greater.  Work gives you a reason to wake up every morning, it allows you to pay the bills,  and it keeps the dynamics of your life going.  Having a job grants you the opportunity to become a productive citizen who strives to build a solid foundation in this life.


So I want you to take this moment, and think; can you really imagine what your life would be like without work?

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  1. Woo woo

    You’d gone so fare. .
    There is something called life.
    Reading a book , doing your hobbies , praying
    travelling abroad and etc.


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