Creating Work/Life Balance

Juggling two different lives at once can be challenging. Everyone says, “Balance is key” but how hard is it to shuffle between your work and personal life without losing your mind? Surprisingly, it’s not that hard. The way we manage our daily tasks differs from one person to another. Some people work well under pressure, while others collapse with fatigue. So how can you have work/life balance when you have so many obligations to attend to? Akhtaboot is here with a few steps that can help you create balance.

Keep an Agenda

As simple as this may sound, keeping a little notebook or an application may help you stay on track. Nothing screams chaos like finding yourself in a whirlpool of endless tasks and events that are weighing you down. You will eventually find yourself taking some of your personal time to get your work done. Make sure that your agenda is always updated, and you need to give your personal tasks the same attention that you give to your job.

Sharpen your Time Management Skills

Sometimes we find ourselves wishing that there are more hours in the day. Organizing your day ahead of time will help you foresee any gaps that you may use to accommodate for the tasks you need to get done. Whether it’s dedicating an hour before work for your regular morning jog, or an hour at night to unwind and relax with a few friends for dinner. Time management skills aren’t just valued in the workplace but also on a personal level. Managing your personal tasks ensures that you don’t feel overwhelmed with stress while conducting your business tasks, thus, it makes you feel more comfortable and in control of your time.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

After a long tough week of cramming in the office, and busting your head for hours, a holiday, or a long weekend is essential to rejuvenate your mental and physical energy. In order to maintain a healthy balance, make sure you take time for yourself after working hard. A day where you can follow up on doing all the things you love, whether its going on a hike, or heading to the beach. It’s important to feel good about yourself in order to be able to work proficiently, and by doing so; you are maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Master the Art of Delegation

Sometimes, you just can’t do it all on your own. Juggling multiple tasks at the same time is time consuming and exhausting. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you find yourself swamped with work. For instance, you can always delegate some tasks that don’t require your expertise to one of your team members. For the tasks that require expertise, make sure that your instructions are well communicated and clear. Mastering the art of delegation won’t only give your more control of your time, but it will also empower those who are helping you to develop their own skills.

Stay Enthusiastic and Optimistic

Juggling two different lives is not easy, but it’s also not impossible. Remember to stay enthusiastic and optimistic. Always look at the positive side even when things aren’t working out well in your work life. Don’t let work problems affect your personal life, and make sure that you stay positive. Avoid negative people and surrounding yourself with those who make you feel happy and energetic. Colleagues who whine about personal or work issues will drag you down with them. Always find reasons to smile and never suppress a laugh!

By: Fatima Rassool, Marketing Intern at Akhtaboot.

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