The boss-employee story has two sides. While one side is all about the bitter experiences caused by our bosses, the other side clearly shows that employees are not the only ones having a hard time dealing with their bosses. Bosses too get sick of their employees at times; they not only have to stay on top of what their staff is doing, but they also have to deal with all kinds of employees.

Yes we acknowledge the fact that there are bad bosses out there, but despite being bad or unfair; bosses have to stay on top of things and keep an eye on what is going on in the workplace. Get the scoop as Akhtaboot reveals what your boss is probably thinking, but isn’t willing to tell.

Yes, we are reading your emails

Most employees understand the importance of communication with external clients and other stakeholders. However, few address internal communication in the same way as they believe it will never be monitored. Well, things have changed and technology has taken over. Nowadays your boss can read your emails, read your chats, listen to your phone calls and monitor your computer. Just think about it this way: if you’re not willing to stand on your desk and shout something across the room, don’t put it in an e-mail, because somewhere down the road someone might read it. Always stay on the safe side; never use curse words, avoid discussing politics or religion and always double check the recipient’s email address!

I know when you’re faking the flu.

We all know how this starts. You wake up one morning and it’s too beautiful outside to be missed or perhaps you’ve just gotten into bed and you’d rather stay in it, so you start thinking to yourself: “when was the last time I called in sick?” Calling in sick to work when you really aren’t can be risky business. Employers are not only starting to investigate their employees’ fake stories, but they are also getting more creative in inspecting even believable excuses by asking for a doctor’s note, calling the “sick” employee to check-in, or even asking someone else to make the phone call. So in brief, a couple of coughs over the phone might not do the trick anymore. To avoid getting fired, save your sick days for when you are actually feeling unwell and remember that your boss was an employee once!

I’m your best friend…and your worst enemy

Having a friendly relationship with your boss is never a bad idea, but how close is too close? There’s nothing really wrong with being friends with your boss as it may seem like a natural extension of friendly office chit chat, but think twice before you get too close. Disagreements are natural between friends, but when your friend is your boss, it can make your work more difficult and may affect your career. Keep in mind that your boss is the one who provides your annual review and signs your paycheck. Since nothing lasts forever, there may come a time when you and your boss-friend have a disagreement and having a friendly relationship with him might leave you feeling even more bitter.

I don’t promote based on performance only

Although this may sound obvious, but being the most qualified person at work with the most experience is no guarantee you’ll be the one to get promoted. When it comes to promotions, make sure you’re on your boss’ good side, because having all the skills in the world will not matter if your boss thinks you’re hard to manage. Keep a record of everything you do that enhances the company’s overall goals as that will show your loyalty and commitment to the organization.

You deserve a pay raise

In today’s economy, there’s a good chance that you have gone for years now without a pay raise although you have done your part right. Your boss might be well-aware of the fact that you have worked overtime and assumed responsibilities beyond your normal job description, but still wouldn’t give you the raise you deserve. The best way to handle this situation is to have an honest discussion with your manager about what it will take to achieve these expanded responsibilities. Having a salary discussion is an important part of your work life. The better prepared you are, the more likely it is that you’ll have the outcome you desire.

You should resign

Do you feel like you’ve hit a dead end in your current position? Unless you’re seriously under-performing, don’t wait for your boss to show you the door. If your boss never asks for your opinion, never wants to have a chat with you, and if you disagree with his style all the time, then your days are numbered. Unless you can get the quality of your work back on track, start looking for a new job. Make sure your resume is in order, start networking, and get yourself out there. If you are no longer up to the job, just leave. Why make yourself miserable and others too when you know that you can no longer perform?

Your boss has so much on his mind but will only share a few things with his employees. And to be fair, this behavior isn’t always as bad as it may seem as most of the time it serves the company and the employees well. Even though you may be on good terms with your boss, they still have obligations of their own. Keep in mind that the priorities might not include those of your own!