Akhtaboot Enhances Assisted Service

Akhtaboot launched an enhanced version of its Assisted Job Posting service today. Clients who purchase Assisted Job Posting credits with Akhtaboot will now enjoy a more user-friendly form of service delivery with a dedicated tab for Assisted Job Postings. This will allow them to see the short-listed batches of CVs as well as all candidates that have applied to the position in a more intuitive fashion. Akhtaboot will also include the ability to download zip files of the Assisted Job Posting batches of candidates with a summary page of the CVs including any notes that the HR Specialist has added on the candidate.

The Assisted Job Posting service is a premium A to Z service offered by Akhtaboot that includes the following:

Understanding the company’s recruitment needs and helping write the job description.
Posting the vacancies on Akhtaboot.com and doing all the necessary sorting and filtering.
Doing preliminary phone screening to confirm the candidate’s interest in the job, to validate certain information on their CV and to get an understanding of salary expectations.
Providing the company with a short-list of candidates based on the requirements and specifications of the job.


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