When employee say they’re leaving for more money, it’s simply not true. People actually leave “bosses” not “companies. Here are the top types of bad bosses that you might have to deal with at work:

1- The “Know-it-all” Boss.

“Hello, my name is Google”

2- The Narcissistic Boss.

“You’d die without me in this office!”

3- The “When I was your age” Boss.

“Preach Father, Preach”

4- The Pushover Boss.

“Take 2 years off if you want…”

5- The “Credit Thief” Boss

“Yep, that’s all my work”

6- The “Drama Queen” Boss.

“It’s a disaster! You forgot to put a dot at the end of the sentence.”

7- “The Devil Wears Prada” Boss.

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