The Impacts of Recruiting a Diverse Work Team

Over the years, employers have grown to see the value of recruiting a diverse group of employees from several different backgrounds, nationalities, races, and social statuses into their teams. In fact, studies have shown that diversity is currently viewed by recruiters as the third most significant factor in the employment process. Selecting a diverse range of employees is a double-edged sword with numerous positive and negative impacts.


Having a diverse workforce can help grow the team to achieve its full potential and increase its effectiveness. It eases the problem solving process, as it provides the business with varied viewpoints and perspectives on topics, which can help them better understand their customers’ needs and extend their target audience. Also, it improves communication skills amongst workers and helps them get along with one another, as it fosters the fundamental value of acceptance.

Disadvantages and How to Address Them

However, having workers of diverse and varied backgrounds can create communication and integration obstacles amongst co-workers, as it can cause discrimination to arise. Furthermore, this can possibly hinder the productivity of the team and yield counterproductive results. Nonetheless, such issues can be effectively addressed by reminding employees of the need of maintaining a professional relationship with their co-workers. It can also be fixed by promoting team building activities and games inside the organization in order to get over employee differences. Finally, managers must be objective and mustn’t base the way they treat their employees upon the grounds of race or social backgrounds, in order to ensure that all employees are treated equally.

In conclusion, diversity is a very important element that shapes up a work team. Diversity has many positive effects on a business and can help it develop substantially. Despite the challenges that can arise from a diverse workforce, certain strategies must be implemented in order to decrease the impact of such effects. If handled properly, the negative impacts of a diverse work team will be trivial and will certainly be outweighed by its positive effects.

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