Have you started a new job? Are you nervous about the challenges that lie ahead? Starting a new job can be quite overwhelming at first – just like your first day at a new school. You worry about making a good impression, getting used to the environment, and of course, excelling at your work. So, how do you get off on the right foot? There are a few things that you should avoid doing at your first job, and Akhtaboot – the career network shares them with you below:

Do Not Fear Asking For Help

Sometimes, we don’t like to ask people for help. We don’t like to appear helpless or clueless to others. As a new employee, you might feel like all eyes are on you, and everyone is scrutinizing your every step. You want to appear confident and in control of your work duties, which is why you might avoid asking your colleagues or manager for help. This however, is a terrible plan. When you’re starting a new job, its only natural that you will need time to get used to how things are done around the office. Your coworkers and manager know that you’re still unfamiliar with a few things. If you never ask them for help, you’ll only set yourself back and distance yourself from the opportunity to learn new things.

Do Not Avoid Workplace Activities

If you’ve got a work event coming up, then we advise you go to it. Building relationships with your colleagues at work is almost as important as doing your job. If you single yourself out at your new job, it won’t set you off to a good start. When you spend a little time getting to know your colleagues, it will help you bond and work more effectively with them. You’ll actually enjoy working at the office when you’ve built a professional and healthy relationship with your colleagues. When you’re comfortable around the people that you’re working with, your work productivity will definitely increase as well.

Do Not Spend Too Much Time On Your Phone

Are you addicted to your phone? Do you always check your social media accounts when you’re at work? If you’re starting a new job, then we advice you to avoid constantly checking your phone. Managers prefer it when their employees keep their phone calls brief, and only take important phone calls at the office. If spending too much time on your phone turns into a habit, it will eventually define you as an easily distracted employee, and that will most likely stop you from making a good impression at the office.

Don’t Cover Up Your Mistakes

No one expects you to be perfect when you first start your job. Did you know that managers are actually impressed by employees who own up to their mistakes? Your first job will instill a strong foundation of who you are, and it will help you establish a fulfilling career. For these reasons, don’t try to cover up your mistakes. As humans, we’re all prone to making mistakes. Own up to your mistakes and try to arm yourself with a recovery plan. How do you plan on fixing your mistake? How can you ensure that it won’t happen again? Your manager will always be your mentor, which is why you should listen to their advice and implement it when you have the chance.

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