You don’t necessarily have to be an extrovert, an outgoing entrepreneur, or a great public speaker in order to succeed in your career. Introverts are people who have unique strengths and capabilities and prefer to work alone. Introverted people have great observational skills, and can succeed throughout their career without the need to interact much with others. For these reasons, Akhtaboot the career network highlights the best types of jobs for introverted people:

Self-employment or Freelancing

Introverts usually have a difficult time promoting or selling themselves; which is why some introverts find it hard to excel at interviews and get hired for jobs. People with introverted personalities are usually reserved, self-disciplined, and detail oriented. If you’re an introvert who has a skill for writing, designing, or has the motivation to work independently, then you can either become a freelancer, or invest in starting your own business. Since introverts thrive on solitude, freelancing will give them their own time and space to brainstorm, execute and present their work.

An Online Career

An online career will require minimal person-to-person interaction, which is why this career path may be ideal from some introverted people. An online career won’t minimize your interaction with groups of people completely, which is a good thing for most introverts because not all of them are anti-social. With virtual social situations, introverted people can easily hold a conversation with customers, clients, followers or social media managers without the need for direct face-to-face interaction. An online career can be ideal for web writers, bloggers, video editors or even social media experts.

Jobs With Limited Communication

If you’re an introvert who prefers to avoid frequently communicating with others, then pursing a job with limited communication would be ideal for you. For instance, software developers, researchers, photographers or even accountants do require some sort of communication within the organization, yet it won’t require any public speaking or frequent social interactions. Jobs with limited communication will keep you from having to put up with small talk for social activities that might otherwise make you feel uncomfortable.

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