As a manager, the relationship that you have with your team will play a huge role in the department’s success and progress. When employees have a healthy relationship with their managers, it will help them perform better and be content with their jobs. Creating a comfortable work environment for the employees will improve work productivity and definitely reduce employee turnover. If you want to keep your team happy, then Akhtaboot – the career network shares a few helpful tips:

Be a Good Listener

As a manager, you must be open to what your team members have to say. If a member of your team is uncomfortable performing a specific task, or asks for a deadline extension, then take the time to listen to what they have to say, and try to understand the core of the problem.

Treat Every Team Member Equally

Do not give any employee the “special treatment”. This will only spiral negativity, jealousy, and animosity amongst the team members. As a manager you should treat everyone equally. It’s very important not to make any employee feel neglected. Treating your team fairly and equally will foster a relationship based on trust and respect.

Recognize Good Work

Sometimes all your team really needs is recognition and appreciation for their hard work. When employees are recognized for all their hard work their enthusiasm and work productivity will definitely increase. Reward your team with a lunch outing, or any other entertaining activity such as bowling or go-karting.

Deliver Immediate Feedback

As a manager you must have one-on-one’s with your team members and give them feedback on their work. Do you feel like your team is drifting off track? Maybe its time you engage more with your team by having regular meetings, and offer immediate and effective feedback. This will eventually ensure that your department is operating efficiently and productively.

Create Training Programs

With today’s new technological advances employees have to keep up and brush up on their skills. Remember that your best assets are your employees, so make sure that they are embracing new business related domain changes. Plan and schedule training programs that your team can take after work, or during the weekend, in order to avoid any disruptions during their working hours.

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