Are you a recruiter or an HR manager? Have you ever made the mistake of hiring the wrong person? Many companies hire the wrong candidates at some point. When a new employee shows that he or she is a poor fit for the job role, HR managers realize that they’ve made the mistake of hiring the wrong person for the position, and the cost behind such a mistake is quite high. Akhtaboot highlights a few points that will help you avert making this mistake again:

Look For Specific Qualities

Before hiring a new employee ask yourself if the candidate will fit well with the company’s culture. Hard working employees who learn to adapt and accustom themselves to a company’s culture are very hard to find. Before hiring candidates make sure you’ve answered yes to both of these questions. Contact their previous employers or co-workers and ask about the candidates level of dedication and how well they managed to adapt to a company’s culture.

A Proper Onboarding Process

New employees need to be directed and well informed about their job roles. The onboarding process will help train and guide new hires. This way new employees will transition smoothly into their job roles without feeling lost. If you’ve properly trained a new employee but they still haven’t proven to be a productive addition to your team, then it’s time to transition them out in order to avoid any unnecessary discrepancies.

You Need an Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Cavall will take care of your HR process and needs. An ATS will ensure you hire the right candidate and will help you maintain a level of consistency in the recruitment process. Investing in an ATS will help you avert the mistake of hiring the wrong candidate. Want to know more about Cavall and how it can change your life as recruiter? Click here for more information.

Ask The Right Questions

Make sure the interview process thoroughly covers all the necessary questions that will help reveal whether the candidate in question is fit for the job role or not. Keeping an unsuccessful hire will also impact other employees and their work productivity. As a result, it will increase stress levels, and hinder their work performances. Keeping an employee who is not doing his or her job properly will be detrimental in terms of missed opportunities and training cost.

Provide Clear Job Descriptions 

When a job description is vague or very short, a job seeker might fall under the impression that the position is easy to fill, and that they’re qualified for the job. A poor job description will only sell your job to the wrong candidate. Make sure you take the time to come up with a clear and effective job description that will avoid any future misunderstanding.

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